Welcome to Soil Foodweb Canada East Ltd!

Soil Foodweb Canada East (SFCE) Ltd is a Canadian-owned affiliate in an international network of labs that provide a unique set of testing and educational services to growers and turf managers.  These services are part of the soil foodweb approach developed by Dr. Elaine Ingham of Corvallis, Oregon. This approach to soil and crop management is new, highly effective, economic, and environmentally superior to conventional methods.

Our approach is an example of the long-awaited and truly needed marriage of science and nature. We don’t use science to defeat or subdue nature; rather, we use science to understand and partner with nature, to the fungi benefit of both humanity and the rest of the biosphere. By applying the science of soil ecology to the practices of agriculture, horticulture, viticulture, turf management, and virtually every other commercial growing operation, the soil foodweb approach allows growers to enhance and fine-tune their soil ecology to match the crop they are growing or the turf they are managing. The main tools used in this soil-tuning process are properly made composts and compost teas. By getting the biology right, these growers provide their plants with an ideal environment. When this occurs, the plants thrive, diseases dwindle, pests retreat, and overall productivity increases.

We will continue to add more information, news, and research findings to this website as our business develops. In the meantime, those who wish to learn more can find a great deal of detail on Dr. Ingham’s site.


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