Italian Restaurants Miami Beach: The Top Ones

If you’re looking for great Italian restaurants Miami Beach is home to many. However, you’ll want to read the rest of this article because we’ll discuss the top ones. At the end of this article, you can decide which restaurant to book a table at.

1. Cibo Wine Bar
The food menu is extensive and contains all kinds of Italian dishes, including an array of pizza and pasta dishes. A range of Zuppes, Salumeria and Antipasto dishes are available to. Whether you’re craving a basic Italian dish or something exquisite, you’re surely going to find at at Cibo Wine Bar.

The restaurant also has an impressive drink list. They have everything from a selection of white wines to red wines to sparkling wine and more. There are dozens of wines available at Cibo Wine Bar. If you’re a wine lover, then this is the place for you.

Besides the menu, you’ll love the decor and interior. Cibo Wine Bar has a classic feeling, mainly due to its wooden floors, tables and bar. Generally speaking, the atmosphere is warm and the lighting is dimmed, which adds to the relaxing environment. As for the price, you get a lot for your money, which is another reason Cibo Wine Bar ranks among one of the top Italian restaurants Miami Beach.

2. Dolce Italian Miami
One of the best things about this restaurant is the menu selection. Whether you’re craving authentic Italian food for breakfast, lunch or dinner, you’ll be able to crush your cravings at Dolce. It has everything from bolognese to spaghetti to salads, pizzas and much more. Don’t forget to check out the drink menu while there because it’s just as impressive as the food.

Furthermore, they have a pool side menu. As for price, it’s a bit more expensive than Cibo, but worth every dollar. If you want to save money in drinks, then go in for Happy Hour.

The decor is chic, which will be evident as soon as you enter the restaurant. You’ll be taken back by the gray chairs, walls, ceiling and even the table cloths. The photos that align the wall adds to the charm of the place, as well as the few plants you’ll see while there. It’s safe to say that Dolce Italian is one of the chicest Italian restaurants in Miami Beach.

With over 400 reviews on Google, and the majority of them being positive in nature, it’s no secret why Dolce Italian Miami is a great place to eat. It is the place to be for fans of Italian food. Trust us when we say you will love it there.

3. Pane & Vino
Finally, there is Pane & Vino. Here you will find a friendly staff, a lively environment and amazing tasting food. House-made pasta is a favorite among guests here, so do make sure you give it a try.

Those are the top Italian restaurants Miami Beach has to offer. Each one is unique in their own way and all offer great tasting Italian food. All you have to do now is call one of those restaurants to book a table or you can just show up if no reservations are required.

Professional Property Management Pensacola Has To Offer

Property management is all about the details and being able to maximize the asset’s potential.

To do this the right way, it is time to look at high-quality property management Pensacola has to offer as soon as possible. A qualified team is able to break down how the asset is going to be managed for maximum returns.

Here are some of the reasons to go with a professional setup.

Advertising Services

One of the main requirements of managing a property is advertising. How is the word going to get out about the property? This is key during the management process and has to be handled by an advertising specialist. Instead of winging it, the best way to move forward is with a seasoned professional that has done it in the past.

The right team is going to be able to put together a marketing plan and make sure the word does get out on time.

This can include:

  • Yard Signs
  • Lockboxes
  • Referrals
  • Triad Realtors
  • Web Marketing
  • And More

Without appropriate advertising, it becomes challenging to manage an asset and keep it heading in the right direction. This is why having a professional team on hand is one of the safest options.


Along with advertising and managing a property, the asset has to be handled with care. This includes accounting all of the income that is generated by the property on a monthly basis.

Not only is the property going to be generating an income, but it is also going to come with a set of expenses. These costs have to be vetted and accounted for to make sure the asset is worthwhile.

The right team is going to be able to offer its accounting services and make sure the numbers are in line with what is happening. This is the only way to stay compliant and make sure regulations are not being broken along the way. Keep things simple and go with a team that is able to do things the right way as that will ensure the property’s value is maintained.

Online Account Management

Want to keep tabs on the properties and how things are going? It’s easier to head online and read through the information on your own. The right property management solution is able to provide access to an online portal for simple account management. This makes it easier to understand what is going on with your properties at all times of the day. The login credentials are provided as soon as the two parties agree on a contract.

This is one of the best ways to manage a property and feel good about how it is going to be managed.

For safe and professional property management Pensacola has to offer, it is time to look into a solution such as Main Street Properties Property Management. The team has experience in the local area and will be able to map out a detailed strategy for the management of your properties. It’s important to have a qualified team for these situations.

Finding Security with Cloud Computing Infrastructure

If your business is ready to join the cloud, it is part of a growing trend. Cloud computing is often done through the Internet but for small, medium or large enterprises with highly sensitive data that needs to be stored securely, the online cloud is not always ideal. This is where custom cloud services are necessary. This is where a company of IT experts can design and deploy a safe, custom service for your corporate data and its backup.

Saying goodbye to tape storage is more common than ever. But, for many corporate professionals, it is a scary move to make. Is the storage available through the cloud safe from hacking even if it has been customized especially for a company?

Tape may not be able to be hacked the way online data can be. But, it is costly to manage and store, and it will not last forever. It is also not scalable the way a custom cloud computing infrastructure can be. With the right company, your data will be stored in a scalable manner on the cloud and it will be completely safe and also compliant.

IT services provide all companies of all sizes with cloud computing infrastructures that will meet all current and future needs for cybersecurity. Advances are being made in creating software as service models, and this is a model your company should look into with the help of cloud architects like the professionals at Zycom.

This company can get your data ready to be stored on its very own cloud. They are ready to work with companies that are brand new to the cloud or companies that ready to expand their existing services to meet growing demands and needs.

The IT experts at Zycom focus on the latest technologies to provide all clients with the appropriate platforms depending on their individual needs. They take decades of work experience and apply it to your unique system and make it scalable for your data needs. They also work to manage the platform for you as it develops.

Using automated monitoring your data is kept secure and safe. There is also a patch-management service that offloads routine tasks from your in-house IT staff so that they can keep working on more important jobs throughout the day.

When your company needs to enter the cloud, trust a company that has decades of experience developing individual platforms and management systems for an array of industries. Whether your firm is in healthcare, non-profit, education, manufacturing or government you will want to enter the cloud and provide it with a special infrastructure that will guard its sensitive data without the need for excess, expensive storage.

Consult with a cloud computing agency that can listen to your individual needs to create and deploy an infrastructure that works to help your company succeed. Using the latest technologies, a whole team of experts can help your company enter the cloud while being able to keep a focus on even more work that matters to you every day.

Benefits of Enterprise Workforce Management

Workforce management has been around for some time and many organizations have been able to get many benefits for implementing this solution. This has helped organizations in many ways, but there are some organizations that have not been able to put these solutions in place for one reason or another. It is important to consider them because you will be able to see great results within a short period of time. You will be surprised to find that there are some organizations using the old methods such as spreadsheets. There are many of them that still believe that the spreadsheets are still effective and reliable.
However, this means they are missing out on the benefits of having a more reliable and easier-to-use system that makes the work much easier. You will be missing out on many opportunities if you are still stuck in the past method. If your organization still uses the traditional method such as Excel spreadsheet, you need to do something about it. It can sometimes seem hard to make changes, but this will be worth every part of it. Here are some benefits you can expect to see once you switch to an enterprise workforce management solution.

Improved Accuracy

It can sometimes be hard to guarantee the accuracy of schedule when using spreadsheets because there are higher chances of human error. This can sometimes lead to inaccurate staffing models and forecasting with the wrong predictions. When using a spreadsheet, you are dealing with a lot of combination of data information from different sources and this will mean a lot of manual work needs to be done. When you want to forecast, you will need in-depth calculations and a lot of historical data. This is hard to produce using spreadsheets, and the results will not be always accurate. Using enterprise workforce management solutions is a good idea because it will do an analysis of historical data and identify and forecast call patterns. The schedules can then be easily generated.

Saves Time

Spreadsheets take a lot of time because you will need to load and format data manually. Workforce management solutions are the safer bet because they are able to do this automatically. Spreadsheets will prove to be a challenge when you are dealing with many staff members. Using spreadsheets and email to manage PTO and time-off requests is not the easiest thing to do. A good workforce management solution can do this for you because it has auto approve or deny requests. There will be a lot of calculations and data loads to deal with, and a spreadsheet is not enough to do it right.

Valuable Insights

You will be able to get valuable insights using an enterprise workforce management system because the information is available anytime you need it and will be updated without any human intervention. The reports received will help in identifying areas that need improvements and what can be done to save costs. You will be able to improve the performance of your staff using the insights from the enterprise management system.

Tax Preparer Bond Benefits

Tax Preparer
Tax Preparer

A tax preparer bond is now a big part of being a professional who fills out tax returns in this day and age. Some professionals have built great businesses because they were honest and made sure to have the bond in place before getting clients to sign up.

What does this bond do? What are the benefits of it being in place for a professional?

Three benefits are going to be highlighted here, but there are many more.

Protection For The Client

The tax preparer bond is put in for a reason, and that is to legally protect the client. They will be able to know the tax preparer is not going to cheat them. Sure, there might be illegal work that takes place, but the client is going to legally challenge it later on as long as the bond is in place.

Without the bond, it becomes harder to make legal changes to the documents being prepared.

It is essential to understand these details when looking to be a professional.

Legally Required In Most States

In many states, it is legally required to have this as a professional who is going to be preparing tax returns for clients. If money is being exchanged for the process, the bond has to be in place. Without the bond, it is illegal to fill out tax returns and receive a nominal fee for it.

These are regulations that are tightly checked, and if they are not being followed, the consequences can end up being dire.

It is vital to know the legalities within a state before pursuing clients in the region for your service. This is critical as a professional.

Shows Commitment To Excellence

A professional needs to woo clients, and there is nothing better than showcasing you are serious than a good bond. It will illustrate you are in it for the long haul and are not going to cheat anyone. You will show that you are serious, and that can win over hearts.

What better marketing is there than this in the long-run? You are going to illustrate the value given to quality service as that is essential in this day and age.

Look at this when it comes to the benefits you are receiving. Without the right bond, you are not going to like the results.

Anyone that is going to be filling out tax returns at the corporate or personal level have to look at getting this bond. You cannot ask for funds unless you are getting a bond and putting it under your name. This is vital and many professionals who don’t do this lose business because of it.

Clients make sure to check for this as they want to know the person filing taxes is not going to cheat them later on, and there is legal recourse if they do. If you are marketing to these clients, you want to tell them about the bond being in place. It is an easier sell this way.

BWS Manufacturing Is The Best In The Trailer Business

BWS Manufacturing
BWS Manufacturing

BWS Manufacturing has made quite a name for themselves in the trailer industry. This company has been around for years now and they have trailers for any need you have. Keep reading to learn why you should choose BWS Manufacturing for your trailer needs.

This company has been in business for over 40 years. In that period of time, they have exceeding in manufacturing trailers for every need. No matter if you need a trailer for agricultural needs, oil and gas needs or other hauling needs, this company will surely have what you are looking for.

BWS Manufacturing has been in business for so long because the quality of the trailers they produce. Many other companies realize how well put together their trailers are, and how well they are made. These trailers withstand the test of time and also use. They can’t be beat on any level.

If you need a trailer for your business, BWS Manufacturing will meet your needs. There are several trailers to choose from and once you see what they have to offer, you won’t go anywhere else for your trailer needs.

They offer Jeep trailers, oil and gas trailers, special made trailers, custom trailers, construction trailers and forestry trailers for all your needs. Many dealers offer these trailers through their company. If you want to see dealers in your area, simply go to their website at Click on the Dealers tab at the top of the page and you will be able to find a local business that offers these trailers for your needs.

You can’t go wrong when you purchase a trailer from BWS Manufacturing. The warranty they offer on them is one of the best in the trailer industry. If you have anything that goes wrong, they will fix it for you. Don’t hesitate to purchase from them.

BWS Manufacturing has many trailers for every need and every budget. This company has been in business for years and they keep growing larger. Their warranty covers anything that goes wrong with these trailers. If you need a trailer, this company will have what you are looking for. Simply find a local dealer or one close to where you live and see what they have to offer. You will also be able to see the quality of the trailers they offer before you make your purchase.

No matter what type of business you need a trailer for, BWS Manufacturing makes it. There is such a variety in trailers for forestry, construction, commercial and specialized needs. You will find one that you want and you will never buy from another manufacturer once you see what they can offer you. Start looking for trailers for your business and see what they have. Check their warranty information and you will know that you are making a purchase that is a good one. Get started soon and get the trailer you need to get your business going or keep it going.

The Ojon Founder Denis Simioni

ojon picture - Denis SimioniDenis Simioni is best known around the world for the hair care brand he brought to the world, Ojon. However, this entrepreneur did not begin his business journey with this company. He is a former ad executive who used to run his own advertising and graphic design firm in Oakville, Ontario. His ad agency specialized in the the beauty industry.

However, he did not know that his own future will be shaped by a hair care product. In fact, he was not looking to launch a hair care brand when this magical oil literally fell into his laps.

His wife’s grandmother, from Honduras, used to visit them. She kept sending them a lot of natural remedies and skincare as well as hair care products. She had given them a jar full of goo like product that had been sitting on their bathroom shelf for a period of two years. In fact, at one time Denis Simioni had even thought of throwing it away. Fortunately, he did not.

One day his wife came out of the pool with very brittle and broken hair. Those brittle and broken hairs were the result of coloring and chemicals in the swimming pool. She called her grandmother to ask about the product that looked like peanut butter to them. Her grandmother told them that this peanut butter like substance was called Ojon oil and she purchased this jar from one of the native Indians in Hoduras.

Long story short, his wife tried that substance on her hair and what they discovered was incredible. Her hairs were shiny and looked great. She started using it continuously and they were amazed with the quality of her hair. The change was so incredible that Denis decided to track down the oil and decided to bring it to the Western world.

The couple had their vacation planned for Disneyland that year. To find out more about the oil, they changed their vacation to Honduras to find out more about these Indians and the oil. During his enquiries, he found out that the Indian tribe was from the Mosquitia rain forest area and a nonprofit group known as Mopawi worked with them. The tribe that extracted the Ojon oil is called Tawira. The amazing thing is that Tawira means “the people of beautiful hair”. He arranged to meet the tribe with the help of the nonprofit group.

Denis found the tribe and convinced them to sell that oil to him. However, his journey was not straight and he struggled for a few years to secure the intellectual property rights. Ojon oil is a form of palm oil. The tribe had been using this oil for many centuries but so far, they did not export it and used to sell it to locals only. The plant that provides the seeds to extract the oil only grows in that region.

It takes a large amount of the nuts to extract significant amount of oil. In fact, it takes over 8000 of these nuts to have just 3.5 cups of pure oil. His company formed a partnership with 895 tribal families of a around 15,000 people. The company not only pays them for the oil but also pays them a portion of the profits from the sale of these products made from Ojon oil. The company now has exclusive rights to distribute the Ojon oil globally.

He partnered with the Italian company, Origin Italian that specialized in working with organic ingredients. At that time this Italian manufacturer did not have any hair care products and Denis Simioni decided to partner with this company for manufacturing the hair care line of products under the Ojon brand.

Denis Simioni had so much confidence in the quality of the product that he self financed the start-up. In fact, he invested everything he had physically, financially and emotionally into the project. If it had not worked out for him, it would have been a big loss for him.

He had a friend in the shopping Channel, QVC and decided to pitch this product to the team. He met with the QVC team and told them his story. They were impressed with the story and the product was launched on the channel on 27 December 2004. Their product was extremely successful and they sold out their entire inventory and even had a wait list of over 3000 units. The success of this brand can be gauged from the fact that they launched their first one-hour show on the channel in December 2005 and they sold products worth $1.2 million in just 40 minutes.

However, Denis Simioni is not the only one who benefited from the enormous success of the Ojon brand.

The tribal families have also benefited a lot. Their earnings are now up by more than 300%. The children of the tribal people could not afford to go to school, as they needed to work on the farm and catch lobsters for survival. However, with this partnership, these villagers are now looking to build schools and hospitals on their lands. Overall, more than 1000 tribal have benefited from this partnership.

The global cosmetics giant, Estee Lauder came calling in the year 2007 when they were looking to expand their hair care product line. They bought the company for a reportedly $45 million and life has never been same for Denis Simioni.

Denis still travels extensively to search for more rare elixirs all across the world.

Accounts Receivable Factoring – What You Should Know

business financeIf you run a business, you are likely aware of something called Accounts Receivable. This is representative of the money that is owed to your company, by those that have purchased products and services from you, that have not yet paid. This is of course different from accounts payable which is representative of how much money you actually owe people for wholesale products that you have purchased. It could also be representative of the amount of credit that you have used up, essentially money that you owe other businesses, that you have not yet paid back. In regard to accounts receivable, there is a specific area called factoring where a business will actually sell their accounts receivable to another company. It is always done at a discount, making it much more attractive to the third-party that is making the purchase, allowing you to receive a small lump sum of money and redirect that responsibility to another company for recovering the money that is actually owed.

Understanding Accounts Receivable Factoring

Let’s say that you have a business in which you have provided credit for many of the companies that you are associated with that buy products from you on a regular basis. If it has been several weeks or months since they have made a payment, and the account is overdue, you may not want to deal with going to court or trying to recover this money that is owed to you. Although this may seem similar to invoice discounting, these are not the same. Factoring is all about the sale of receivables, whereas invoice discounting usually involves receivable assets that are related to collateral for a loan.

With And Without Recourse

Another term that is very common to factoring is in regard to what is called recourse. Transfers of receivables that do not have recourse are simply the losses that the other business will sustain when purchasing these receivables from you. The transfer of losses is known up front, and those that have recourse are usually substantial, motivating the other party to make the purchase. Again, when you sell these, you are not going to recover very much money, but at least you won’t have to worry about whether or not factor receivable with recourse options are recoverable, or if they will also become losses as well.

If you are currently running a business and you would like to not deal with trying to recover money that is owed to your company, you should certainly consider selling this problem to some other business which is where accounts receivable factoring comes in area it’s really a win-win situation for both parties because it will provide you with relief from the situation, giving you more time to focus on running your company. The other business, especially those that are highly trained at recovering assets that are owed, will be able to make a substantial profit.

Corporate Event Management Is Necessary For Most Companies

corporate planning imageBusinesses are filled with people who attend events throughout their working life. These events include conferences, exhibitions, fundraisers, product launches, and more.

Who organizes these events and makes sure they run smoothly? That’s where corporate event management comes into play. These are professionals who handle an event from the creation of the event to the end of the event.

An organizer for corporate events has a wide variety of duties. Some examples include:

1. Researching hotels for availability of conference rooms. Hotels are more than just vacation spots. Many businesses hold meeting events in large conference rooms located at hotels. An event manager would choose a hotel’s conference room based on the size of the meeting and on what the hotel offers.

2. Coordinating caterers. There are many caterers to choose from for corporate affairs. An event manager will pick a caterer and create a menu based on a business’s budget and tastes.

3. Organizing travel arrangements and hotel rooms. Getting a lot of people to a company meeting or conference takes coordination. A company wants to make sure that everyone makes it to a destination at the same time and the same place.

4. Choosing and booking guest speakers. Large conferences often have keynote speakers. Part of corporate event management is to research and choose a speaker, based on the requirements of the business and on what the company can afford. Then, after the speaker is booked, it’s up to the event manager to make sure he or her makes it to the event.

5. Handling promotion and the creation of a brand. Some events, such as fundraisers, require promotion. An event manager would handle promoting the event on the Internet via social media, in the newspaper, on TV, and in other areas.

6. Preparing flyers, brochures and welcome packets. Most corporate events include flyers and brochures as well as welcome packets for the participants. An event organizer would be sure to secure those items for an event.

7. Handling legal matters. Some corporate affairs may have rules that need to be adhered to based on the venue choice. The event manager’s job would be to research those rules and then convey them to the event’s participants.

These are just some of the duties of corporate event management. In today’s society, it is a necessary and important function for businesses, especially those that employ a large number of people.

The Basic Of A Beef Company

beef cowWhen we say “beef company”, the first thing that usually comes to mind is the image of specialty beef shops where butchers accommodate customer requests for specific cuts of beef. However, if you’ve ever worked in a beef company, you already know that it does more than fresh meat to hungry, streak-consuming clients. The typical company processes meat, and by this we mean that they slaughter the cattle and cut them in to the pieces. It’s rather cruel when you think of it that way, but it is the way it is.

Should you look for “beef companies” on the Internet, you will find that you will find many, companies that take part in the meat processing industry and they’re involved in different processes – from cattle procurement and preparation to meat processes. Most of the companies you will find are two-man shows, with one man specializing in beef, and the other man managing day-to-day operations.
There’s this couple we know that run a custom meat processing company within our city. The man started out working at a meat shop throughout high school. After graduation, he got a degree in animal science degree and was part of the team that judged meat. Immediately after graduation and throughout his career, he’s had many encounters with different people in the meat processing industry. These encounters fueled his passions, eventually leading him to found the company that he’s owns with his wife. His employment background includes procuring fresh meat for many large companies and creating a top-quality beef brand program.

His wife, on the other hand, handles customer care and manages day-to-day operations. It’s basically a lot of work, but the wife doesn’t mind because there’s money to be made in the business.

The couple doesn’t own a restaurant. They focus on processing cattle for food service companies like caterers, as well as restaurants in their local area. Before purchasing a processing facility in 2007, the couple sourced cattle from different farmers and ranchers and had the livestock processed at the meat processing plant that they own now.

The couple’s company is constantly expanding, with the bottom line showing an increase in sales every year. However, despite the growth and the changes that have happened since 2007, a few things have remained constant: becoming the top meat supplier in their area and providing only high—quality meat to their clients.

The couple doesn’t raise the cattle themselves. They source them from the many farmers and ranchers in the state. These cattle suppliers bring the animals to the processing plant, where they are humanely treated.

It might come as a surprise to you, but the people who cut the meat spend some time as an apprentice of an experienced butcher. There’s a certain to cut meat that, not only makes it easy to eat, but also delicious to consume. Our plant owner friends (at least the husband) spent three years at a local meat shop after graduation to hone his meat-chopping skills.