4 Effective Mobile App Marketing Tips You Should Know About

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You can create an amazing app, but if nobody knows about it, then it won’t become successful. This is why marketing your app is important. There are so many things you can do. With that said, here are a few mobile app marketing tips you should keep in mind.

1. App-Store Optimization – There’s no doubt that you will put your app in various app-stores, but you will want to optimize your apps for the stores. First, you need to choose a good name for your app and decide what keywords you want to use. Do a little bit of keyword research and then choose the keywords you think best represents what your app is about and preferably a keyword that can be used in the name of your app. Furthermore, use a keyword or two in the captions and in your app’s description.

2. Create Videos – Many people create an app and publish it on the app store and that’s it. Sometimes they get good results and sometimes they don’t. The point is to do other things, and one of the best things to do is create videos.

It doesn’t matter what kind of app you created, you can benefit from making a few videos of your app in action. Create a video or two previewing your app and showoff the different features and things it can do. After you create your videos, share them YouTube, Facebook and any other social media site that allows you to share videos.

3. Let People Test It Out – Another thing you can do is let a number of people use your app before it officially launches. Create a Facebook page for your app and encourage your current following/friends to like the page. This will help you build a following for your app’s page.

Once you have a handful of followers on your app’s page, create a post asking people if they’d like to try your app out before it launches. You’ll get a good response by doing this. Just make sure you ask them to leave you feedback on your page after they’ve tried it out. Only encourage honest feedback and reviews.

4. Use Facebook Advertising – Take advantage of Facebook advertising, but start off with a small budget. Create a 2-3 different adverts, and use small amounts of money for each one and see which ad performs the best. The ad that generates the most app downloads is what you will want to focus on. This means you’ll want to nix the other campaigns and increase your budget for the successful campaign.

If the results keep coming in, then keep on increasing your budget. When the downloads slow down, then decrease your budget. This is a simple trick, but it can be extremely effective.

If you optimize your app for app-stores, then you’ll get some great results. The same goes if you create and share videos of your app in action. Letting people try the app out before it launches and use Facebook advertising. If you do those things, your app will be downloaded by many.

Why App Marketing Is Fun To Do

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When you have a new app, you need to know one of the most important aspects that you can do is market the app properly. However, what you need to realize is this can be more of a challenge than what you think. Since this is the case, you should make sure you know why app marketing is so much fun to do and while you are having fun doing this you can also be making money. Either way, if you treat this type of marketing as a fun thing to do, then the chances are good that you will continue to do this.

The ranking system in the app stores tends to be quite a bit different than trying to rank a website on the Internet. Normally when you are trying to get a website to rank you have a lot of optimization to do for your page and description. Then you are competing against millions of other websites for the same space on the Internet, the coveted number one result. With the apps you are going to be competing in a store, but only be competing against several other competitors, which makes it easier for you to rank.

The ability to see the instant results of your marketing is something else that is rather enjoyable. For a lot of people they never think about this, but when they are using the proper marketing methods such as those mentioned on muddx.com, they generally see the results a lot faster. That is because the app stores tend to update and crawl the information more often than the search engines. So a change that has been made is going to be seen almost right away. This in turn makes it easier for the marketer to know they are getting the desired level of results.

The chance to make money is real possibility as well. When people are marketing an app they know they are selling a product that is going to be used. While they may give the app away, the upsells that are inside of the product tend to help out quite a bit. So this allows people to literally go from making nothing at all to making millions in a couple of days from the app marketing they did. A good example of this is Game of War Fire Age, a strategy app that is making millions of dollars each day, but when it was launched was not making a dime because it was a free game.

Having a chance to make money on the app stores is a good thing. However, what you need to realize is it can be quite a bit of fun when you are doing the marketing. That is because you can make quite a bit of money, see the almost instant results of the marketing effort, but also start to see the way the app is going to stand against a far less competitive system. All of these combined make app marketing one of the best things people can do.

The Skinny On How Apps Marketing Work

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Apps marketing is definitely the new to advertise as more and more people are discovering the wonderful world of apps, downloading this and that free app, hoping to find a bit of happiness while whiling away the time. And if you are an Internet marketer, you would be a fool not to take advantage of this relatively new advertising channel.

But how does it work? It works this way: You create an account at one of the advertising networks. You create your ad, set the profile of your target audience and publish it. The ad will then be circulated to the different apps in the advertising network.

If you search for it online, you will see that there are many apps advertising networks out there. And you might be wondering which one you should use. Well, we really think that an ad network is only as good as the number of people who are more or less guaranteed to see your ad.
This means that the number of apps in the ad network is critical. Simply put, the more apps that are part of the advertising network, the more people will see it, and the more eyeballs, the more reactions to your advertisement. Hopefully, you have created a great ad that actually compels people to click on it.

But then again, if you are new to this marketing channel, you might be wondering to yourself how you can create an effective advertisement. Our advice is this: If you are not sure, let the experts do it for you. There are apps marketing companies out there that help their clients reach their profit goals by creating different ads and changing those ads based on the reactions they get.

Really, even if you are new to all this, you do not need to climb a steep learning curve. You just need to leverage on the expertise of those who are already there. In order to find an apps marketing company, just do a quick search on Google. You need to know, though, that not all of these companies are created alike. Some definitely have better talent and are more extensive in their work. What you want to do is hire the company that comes in highly recommended by other marketers. Hopefully, you are a member of a mobile marketing forum, like www.crownonlinemedia.com, so you can ask for recommendations.

Once you do find a marketing company that you can work with, you can then proceed to publishing your ads. Do not worry, any decent apps marketing company will have a list of advertising networks on their list, and you can have your ads published on your behalf once you approve them.

How much does advertising on an apps advertising network cost? Well, you are usually charged per-download (as against per-click in PPC advertising). However, there are networks that automatically switch to pay-per-action right within the app once a certain number of downloads is reached. This brings the costs down to the level of affordable.

Benefits Of Mobile Retargeting

mobile retargetingAs retargeting becomes more widely used and even better understood, its reputation is consistently improving. Marketers are beginning to learn more about the unique benefits of retargeting and ways to do it without making people feel uncomfortable. In this article, we will be going over some of the major benefits of mobile retargeting.

Before we do that, lets talk a little about what retargeting is. In a nutshell, it is the process of tagging different website visitors in order to be able to specifically target them with ads tailored to their interest across an advertising network like AdSense by Google. This means that if a visitor visits your website, they will then be re targeted with your Ads on Google Adsense because Google already knows that they are interested enough in your products to visit your website.

Benefits Of Mobile Retargeting:

1. Brand Recognition.

The fact is, the more a prospective customer sees your brand and/or business, the more they are going to be able to recognize and recall your brand. This is always a good thing because the more they remember your brand, the higher the chances that they are going to make a purchase from it in the future. It is said that the average amount of times it takes to turn a prospective customer into an actual customer is 10. This means that you need to get your brand and/or product in front of a prospective customer a minimum of 10 times before converting a sale.

2. Greater Engagement.

By reconnecting with people that have already shown interest and/or expressed interest in your website and/or products, you are going to be able to effectively create much better engagement with the potential customers than you would with random traffic that you get for the first time. It is very likely that your first time traffic generates you a very low on site average. Meaning, the people that end up on your site bounce off quickly. Whereas, if you are re targeting the people that have already visited your website, they likely know exactly where to go on your website which makes the experience better. Also, they are likely going to spend more time on your site because if they took the time and effort to click back onto it, it likely means that they have even more interest in seeing what is on it than before.

3. Increased Conversion.

The second time a prospective customer comes to your website, they are going to have more trust in your company than they did the first time around. This means that you are going to be poised to be able to convert a much larger percentage than you were able to previously. Therefore, you should enjoy higher conversions because of that. Higher conversions mean more money on your bottom line. This should be the goal of any business owner and/or marketer. It is better to increase your conversions than it is to generate new traffic on a consistent basis.

How Can Mobile Analytics Companies Help You?

mobile phone and computerIf you use a mobile website or an app to promote your brand, you could benefit from working with mobile analytics companies. The right analytics tool will provide you with helpful insights on your different campaigns and help you improve your strategies. Here are some of the benefits of working with a mobile analytics tool.
Do you know how many visitors your mobile website receives? An analytics solution with a visitor counter will give you a better idea of how many people see your content, which pages are the most visited and which links bring the most people to your site. Collecting data on how visitors find your website and what kind of content catches their eye will help you improve your mobile website. You should also keep track of the average amount of time visitors spend browsing your content.
Mobile analytics companies can help you measure the success of your app. They can provide you with tools that allow you to keep track of the number of users who downloaded and installed your app. You can also keep track of how many sales were generated thanks to your app, even if shoppers did not directly purchase products directly from your app. These insights will help you assess how successful your app is and perhaps provide you with the data you need to create better apps in the future.
If you have invested in an ad campaign for mobile devices, you definitely need an efficient tool to keep track of your results. The right analytics solution will help you determine which ads are generating the most clicks and which ads need to be improved. You could for instance use an analytics tool to run some tests on different ad formats to see what kind of ads are efficient for your target audience.
Mobile analytics can also help you learn more about your audience. Look for a tool that will collect data on the users who visit your site or use your app. This could give you a better understanding of who your typical customer is so that you can develop more relevant content or adopt marketing stratgies adapted to the niche or age group you want to target.
Mobile analytics will help you assess the efficiency of your current mobile marketing strategies. You should gather data for a while and use this information to improve your approach to mobile marketing.

Key Benefits Of Mobile Application Analytics

mobile phone applicationMobile analytics are important in this day and age. If you do not pay attention to what is going on with your mobile application, you are going to be left behind. There are many apps that are designed well, but seem to fall off as time goes on just because they were not paying attention to how their app was doing as a whole. Here are some of the most important benefits that come along with mobile application analytics and why you should be paying attention to them. Anyone that does not will never see the kind of results they are after.

Updated Data

Mobile application analytics are fascinating because the information that is coming in will be updated on a regular basis. You will not end up losing out because the information was slow to come in and that you were not able to move ahead with your choices. A great application is one that is going to be tweaked with the help of the data that is coming in.

Use the data that is coming in to get massive results. Updated results are always important and those who realize this are going to move ahead in a hurry. The benefits are endless.

Easy To Make Tweaks

Those who are looking to make tweaks will notice that this information that is being produced will start to come in a hurry. There are a lot of individuals that simply do not understand the wealth of information that can be provided with the help of these analytics. You will begin to notice how the tweaks that are being made will also be analyzed with the tools at your disposal.

Over time, you will have made so many tweaks, the app will be optimized to a point where it is immensely successful and is downloaded regularly.

Mobile applications have started to become one of the most important parts of businesses that are being run. However, this does not mean you are clear to go with regards to finding success. You have to be on top of things and that begins with having the analytical side of things down pat. When you have the right tools in hand, you will start to notice how everything becomes easier to optimize. You will end up having one of the most refined apps in the niche and that is nothing to scoff at.