All About Finding Large Dog Coats

Large Dog Coat From Canada Pooch
Large Dog Coat From Canada Pooch

Dogs are fascinating creatures in a number of ways. They are, if not the oldest, then among the first first true companions early humans could rely on other than each other, and to this day, billions of people the world over find that their canine companions are indispensable. They can also be quite entertaining companions as well as practical companions for some people, whether they’re begging for food at the table, getting over excited about going on a walk or simply laying down and sleeping in a way that makes their human owners somewhat envious. Even at their most aggravating, dogs can still be quite hilarious, oftentimes at the exact moment they’re needed most.

Of course, dogs do have needs of their own and a responsible dog owner attends to them. One particular problem of many breeds of dog in Canada is that the freezing temperatures of the Canadian north tends to be problematic on many breeds of dog developed in warmer parts of the world. While huskies bred for work on the tundras may not have a very difficult time in the Canadian winter, a number of other breeds such as the saluki or chihuahua may have a harder than normal time adjusting to Canada’s cold climes. For those breeds that are particularly large yet ill equipped for life in the Canadian winter, there are large dog coats.

Large dog coats are dog coats built for larger breeds of dogs that do not do very well in freezing cold temperatures. While “large breed of dog” can be something of a subjective ideal (certainly some older people will find that relatively light yet tall greyhounds can be far too much struggle, while more physically able people find them more suitable companions), the fact is that some breeds of dog really are larger than others. A dog coat should absolutely account for these size differences. Some particularly needy breeds will need an increasingly high level of warmth, particularly skinny, short furred breeds. Some dogs will need more dryness than warmth. Beagles in particular do rather poorly in wet conditions as their secondary layer of fur that keeps them comfortable in snow becomes a chilling liability in cold rains.

Canada Pooch sells a wide range of dog coats for a number of different sizes and needs of dogs, including the larger breeds, as well as smaller dogs. The coats are many of durable, high quality material intended to keep even vulnerable breeds of dog warm and dry during even the harshest Canadian winter. The company also sells a few other specialized products for dogs. This includes cooling vests, intended to help dogs intended to live in cold conditions cool off during hot summers, as well as life vests for dogs. The company also sells a wide range of dog beds and “wellies” boots sized and shaped for use by an appropriately sized breed of dog, ideal for keeping muddy paw prints out of the owner’s carpets when the rain falls during a long walk.