Precise Quality for A Glow in the Dark Walkway

If you have visions for a glow in the dark walkway you want to bring it to fruition with quality stones. There are many places online where you can buy bulk stones and follow instructions to create a perfect walkway in a weekend. But not every glow stone is the same.

If you want real quality, you want to get the glow stones for your walkway from the leader and the innovator in the glow stone industry. Ambient Glowing Technology has spent the better part of the last decade creating the perfect technology for the perfect glow stones. They offer commercial grade, ultra grade, and glowing river rock stones.

To make your walkway the most elegant it can be both day and night, you need quality and precision. You want your walkway to last for decades. The stones available from Ambient Glowing Technology last for 20 years. That is a guarantee.

You can find plenty of places to buy bulk stones online for a great price, but be sure you are careful with what you purchase. You want your stones to retain their security within the setting. AGT stones will be secure in any substrate like concrete, epoxy and resin. The rocks you buy in bulk online may not come with this same promise, and you will not want to be disappointed when you lay your walkway only for the stones to crack.
You want your stones to glow, too. The AGT products are made to glow for a full 10 hours after just 8 minutes exposure to daylight. Their service is also there to help you bring your vision to life. You can do more than just buy bulk stones from them. They offer project consulting and an approach that ensures you will be making the best walkway possible with their photoluminescent products.

Whether you are a homeowner with a DIY project or you are a professional, they care about getting you the right luminosity characteristics, the right glow aggregate color with the right substrate and the right environmental lighting conditions. They will even help make sure you get the right size stones.

They offer design services as well as sales. So, if you want help making the perfect walkway, just ask. These services are available to professionals as well. Get the perfect stones for your walkway by browsing for available products at the AGT website today. You will find a variety of hues both when they are exposed in the day and when they glow all night. For ideas and inspiration, visit the project section of the website.

Once you choose your stone, you may reach out to them or find a Master Dealer near you. These are the only authorized dealers of these top-quality stones available to buy products from. Start imagining the beauty and magic your walkway will bring once it is complete. Then, start shopping for the right products for your glow stone needs. You will create an affordable and environmentally friendly way to light your home with a glow in the dark walkway.