The Skinny On How Apps Marketing Work

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Apps marketing is definitely the new to advertise as more and more people are discovering the wonderful world of apps, downloading this and that free app, hoping to find a bit of happiness while whiling away the time. And if you are an Internet marketer, you would be a fool not to take advantage of this relatively new advertising channel.

But how does it work? It works this way: You create an account at one of the advertising networks. You create your ad, set the profile of your target audience and publish it. The ad will then be circulated to the different apps in the advertising network.

If you search for it online, you will see that there are many apps advertising networks out there. And you might be wondering which one you should use. Well, we really think that an ad network is only as good as the number of people who are more or less guaranteed to see your ad.
This means that the number of apps in the ad network is critical. Simply put, the more apps that are part of the advertising network, the more people will see it, and the more eyeballs, the more reactions to your advertisement. Hopefully, you have created a great ad that actually compels people to click on it.

But then again, if you are new to this marketing channel, you might be wondering to yourself how you can create an effective advertisement. Our advice is this: If you are not sure, let the experts do it for you. There are apps marketing companies out there that help their clients reach their profit goals by creating different ads and changing those ads based on the reactions they get.

Really, even if you are new to all this, you do not need to climb a steep learning curve. You just need to leverage on the expertise of those who are already there. In order to find an apps marketing company, just do a quick search on Google. You need to know, though, that not all of these companies are created alike. Some definitely have better talent and are more extensive in their work. What you want to do is hire the company that comes in highly recommended by other marketers. Hopefully, you are a member of a mobile marketing forum, like, so you can ask for recommendations.

Once you do find a marketing company that you can work with, you can then proceed to publishing your ads. Do not worry, any decent apps marketing company will have a list of advertising networks on their list, and you can have your ads published on your behalf once you approve them.

How much does advertising on an apps advertising network cost? Well, you are usually charged per-download (as against per-click in PPC advertising). However, there are networks that automatically switch to pay-per-action right within the app once a certain number of downloads is reached. This brings the costs down to the level of affordable.