Reap The Benefits Of Social Networking By Hiring A Social Media Expert Toronto

Social Media
Social Media

If you have spent time on the internet, which I believe you have, then you know how much social media has grown and evolved. What started as a simple and interesting way for friends and family to keep in touch or make new friends has quickly turned into an incredible industry that presents a lot of opportunities and potential for both small and large businesses. A social media expert in Toronto has the ability to help you make the most of your business, whether online or offline based. However, you need first to find the right social media expert Toronto has to offer.

Well, one of the most important things to look for in a Toronto social media expert to help with your campaign is the scope of the social network that the expert uses. There are a couple of major networks that ought to be included in any type of social network campaign. Facebook is a definitive given, bit the expert should ideally assist with Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Google Plus and the like. All these social media sites can be used together, along with your website or blog.

This combination approach is in fact, the most crucial consideration. If your social media drive isn’t integrated with your existing internet presence, then your results might not be as satisfactory. So, ensure that the social media expert you settle for provides help in developing an inbound marketing plan and also help you manage your social media presence on a regular basis. This is a crucial thing to consider as you will not be able to do it all, given you have other business responsibilities and the fact that daily social media management can be overwhelming. Using social media today needs you to create a two way flow of conversation with your clients. It can be a full time job and so, it’s imperative that you get adequate help.

But why are these networks so vital? Understanding how to use them is just as crucial as choosing a social media expert Toronto offers, to help you out. For example, Facebook is an excellent platform to interact with contacts and clients, but it can also be a very powerful tool for driving traffic to other sectors. For instance, you can drive traffic from Facebook to your Twitter page, to your YouTube channel, to your blog and even your website. This gives you an enhanced flow of traffic. However, you need to ascertain that the social media expert can reveal to you the best ways to connect your accounts and derive the most benefits from each one of them.

Another major consideration you need to make is finding an expert who can do every social media task for you. As mentioned, social media presence management can be daunting, and even more as your influence expands. The right social media expert will provide hands on, daily management services that will keep you connected with your audience and clients on a daily basis.

Reaping the benefits of social networks is as simple as hiring the right firm to help you plan and swerve you the right path, the path of success. So, why not contact Impetus Consulting ( today and start reaping the benefits?

The Profession of the Personal Injury Lawyer

Personal Injury Law
Personal Injury Law

A personal injury lawyer works in he field of protecting the rights of workers while they are employed in the workplace. There are laws in place that require employers to provide a safe and clean workplace environment both from the standpoint of physical safety as well as freedom from intimidation in the workplace environment.

There are worker’s compensation laws in place in every state of the United States that allow for compensation if an employee is injured on the job, but adequate compensation is not always the result, and there are some difficulties sometimes in determination of just how it applies.

In many instances there is pressure from an employer to see only the doctors that are “approved” or who are connected to the employer in some way. This practice may or may not always be the best choice for all employees, as when an employee is injured on the job, he or she may need to see a specialist for certain injuries.

There may also be pressure, subtle of course, for the employee to come back to work before he or she is ready, and that is not a good pattern either. All decisions such as this should be between the doctor and the patient.

So the first thing that should be done by the employee is to contact a well qualified personal injury lawyer who makes employee law his or her only specialty and who has a good reputation of winning cases in court.

More than likely, your attorney is going to gather as much evidence as possible from depositions from eyewitnesses, such as other employees, schedules of workers, details of any devices, machines, or conditions that were in the area at the time of the injury and similar such forms of evidence.

What the attorney will do will be to construct a timeline so as to place every person and every function of that environment so that a specific cause can be identified that was the cause of the accident that caused the injury.

In many situations the lawyer will have a private investigator on staff, or one will be retained to work in this particular case for just the purpose of gathering as much evidence as possible.

Someone might have forgotten to operate a safety switch, mop the floor, remove an obstruction or a number of problems that could have been set up by carelessness, negligence or inattention. All accidents are simply a chain of events, where if one link in the chain is broken, the accident will never occur.

If a timeline can be shown with appropriate personnel absent, or a mechanical failure were to have happened and an inspection report was not performed in a timely fashion, then culpability can be found.

Many injuries that happen to employees on the job are slow in manifesting the long term difficulties that the employee is going to have. If a lawsuit is brought, it will be to not only compensate the employee for medical bills, but to also compensate for the pain and hardship that he or she will have to endure, sometimes for the rest of their lives, because of the negligence of someone else.

Why Both Employees And Employers Need Labour Lawyers

Labour Law
Labour Law

A labour lawyer is your representative when you have an employment related case. That would be when you believe you’ve been terminated for the wrong reason such as your gender, religion, race, or any other reason besides your ability to do the work. You might also need one to handle sexual harassment, where your manager is demanding sexual favours for the right to work. When you have a problem at work, he is your representative in the courts. The company or employer may also use their own employment attorney in defence as well.

Labour Attorneys Also Negotiate Contracts

If you work with union representation in your place of employment then most likely the negotiations were handled on both sides by attorneys that specialize in labour law. Then the contract was written and reviewed by more labour attorneys on its way to being agreed upon and signed by both sides.

After that, an employee manual would most likely be written up and distributed to each employee to read, explaining all the rules at work regarding breaks, lunches, sick days, vacations, seniority, compensation, sexual harassment, and any other job related legal matters.

When a person is to be terminated there will also be certain rules that apply as to notification and warnings explaining what the worker is doing wrong and the opportunity to fix it. Usually, there is a procedure involving verbal warnings, written warnings and then a suspension before a termination.

As An Employer, You Need An Attorney Too

Employers can get into plenty of trouble with government agencies if they aren’t following the labour bureau’s rules and regulations involving safety at the work site, overtime pay, severance pay, vacation pay or other parts of the labour laws. Since the laws can change based on what the congress or parliament have decided it’s important to have proper legal advice that’s up to date at all times.

Why You Shouldn’t Delay Contacting A Labour Lawyer

Many laws regarding labor issues have what is called a “Statute of Limitations” that limits the amount of time that a case can be brought to trial after the offense has occurred. If you wait too long to file, your case could be thrown out for being too old. Each different type of case may have different limits so it’s important to have the proper attorney that keeps abreast of all the laws in the field of employment.

Finding A Good Labour Law Attorney

The best place to look is now online, there you can search for attorneys that are local to your area and also specialize in the type of industry that you are in. Then you can go to their website and read what kinds of qualifications they have to see if they’re a good fit for you and your business. You can then check some of the review sites to see how they are at treating customers and winning cases.

Due to government regulations the way you treat your employees has become a complicated affair that can’t be left to amateurs. Having the proper legal representation is more important now than it ever has been. But, by retaining the best labour attorney you’ll be able to relax and know that you’re well represented in all matters pertaining to employees.

All About The EB-5 Investment Program

Investment Research
Investment Research

The EB-5 investment program is actually a visa investment program designed to bring in an infusion of fresh cash into the US economy by the issuing green cards to foreigners who invest in the country, especially the lower-income areas.While the underlying principle is simple, there is still some difficulty understanding how the program actually works and how it is being implemented.
Very briefly, however, the EB-5 investor program requires interested applicants to invest at least $1 million in an existing US business, use at least $500,000 to stimulate the economy of a poverty-ridden area, or make or preserve at least ten jobs. Once an applicant meets any of the requirements, he or she is granted permanent residency or issued a green card.

The money coming from the EB-5 program is managed by the different regional centers. These regional centers are authorized by the US immigration service to pool the money and develop projects. You will be surprised to know that these regional centers are run by private organizations, although some are run by local government.

In areas where there is a high unemployment rate, the minimum investment amount is reduced to $500,000. These areas are designated at Targeted Employment Areas or TEAs. A local area can only be considered a TEA if its unemployment rate is at least 150% higher than the national average.

The number of new immigrants that come to the US through the EB-5 investor visa is actually small – less than one percent of green card holders every year. There are around 10,000 visas that are available every year to investors and their immediately family member. However, the highest number of admissions was in 2013, for 7,000 visas.

Despite its noble intent, some quarters have been quick to point out the high-profile cases of fraud involving EB-5 immigrants as well as the program’s innate vulnerabilities. However, nobody can ever deny that the program could potentially benefit local communities and the country overall, both in the long term and short term. To date, financing from the EB-5 program has been funneled largely to fund commercial-property development projects, building assisted-living facilities, and building manufacturing plants.

How difficult is it for an investor to get an EB-5 visa? It’s rather difficult especially when you consider that there is a complex network of intermediaries, which enjoy little regulatory oversight. In other words, accountability for how the money is spent is rather questionable.

Aside from this, the immigrant has to bear the burden of complying with the program’s requirements, even though they may know nothing and have little control over the investment process.

This situation is exacerbated by the lack of coordination between the local Economic Development Agencies or EDAs and the regional centers that manage EB-5 investment money. The lack of coordination means that interested applicants in the investor visa program have a dearth of information on which areas in the United States they can enter in as an immigrant. In other words, they don’t know what choices they have.

Benefits Of Mobile Retargeting

mobile retargetingAs retargeting becomes more widely used and even better understood, its reputation is consistently improving. Marketers are beginning to learn more about the unique benefits of retargeting and ways to do it without making people feel uncomfortable. In this article, we will be going over some of the major benefits of mobile retargeting.

Before we do that, lets talk a little about what retargeting is. In a nutshell, it is the process of tagging different website visitors in order to be able to specifically target them with ads tailored to their interest across an advertising network like AdSense by Google. This means that if a visitor visits your website, they will then be re targeted with your Ads on Google Adsense because Google already knows that they are interested enough in your products to visit your website.

Benefits Of Mobile Retargeting:

1. Brand Recognition.

The fact is, the more a prospective customer sees your brand and/or business, the more they are going to be able to recognize and recall your brand. This is always a good thing because the more they remember your brand, the higher the chances that they are going to make a purchase from it in the future. It is said that the average amount of times it takes to turn a prospective customer into an actual customer is 10. This means that you need to get your brand and/or product in front of a prospective customer a minimum of 10 times before converting a sale.

2. Greater Engagement.

By reconnecting with people that have already shown interest and/or expressed interest in your website and/or products, you are going to be able to effectively create much better engagement with the potential customers than you would with random traffic that you get for the first time. It is very likely that your first time traffic generates you a very low on site average. Meaning, the people that end up on your site bounce off quickly. Whereas, if you are re targeting the people that have already visited your website, they likely know exactly where to go on your website which makes the experience better. Also, they are likely going to spend more time on your site because if they took the time and effort to click back onto it, it likely means that they have even more interest in seeing what is on it than before.

3. Increased Conversion.

The second time a prospective customer comes to your website, they are going to have more trust in your company than they did the first time around. This means that you are going to be poised to be able to convert a much larger percentage than you were able to previously. Therefore, you should enjoy higher conversions because of that. Higher conversions mean more money on your bottom line. This should be the goal of any business owner and/or marketer. It is better to increase your conversions than it is to generate new traffic on a consistent basis.

The Ojon Founder Denis Simioni

ojon picture - Denis SimioniDenis Simioni is best known around the world for the hair care brand he brought to the world, Ojon. However, this entrepreneur did not begin his business journey with this company. He is a former ad executive who used to run his own advertising and graphic design firm in Oakville, Ontario. His ad agency specialized in the the beauty industry.

However, he did not know that his own future will be shaped by a hair care product. In fact, he was not looking to launch a hair care brand when this magical oil literally fell into his laps.

His wife’s grandmother, from Honduras, used to visit them. She kept sending them a lot of natural remedies and skincare as well as hair care products. She had given them a jar full of goo like product that had been sitting on their bathroom shelf for a period of two years. In fact, at one time Denis Simioni had even thought of throwing it away. Fortunately, he did not.

One day his wife came out of the pool with very brittle and broken hair. Those brittle and broken hairs were the result of coloring and chemicals in the swimming pool. She called her grandmother to ask about the product that looked like peanut butter to them. Her grandmother told them that this peanut butter like substance was called Ojon oil and she purchased this jar from one of the native Indians in Hoduras.

Long story short, his wife tried that substance on her hair and what they discovered was incredible. Her hairs were shiny and looked great. She started using it continuously and they were amazed with the quality of her hair. The change was so incredible that Denis decided to track down the oil and decided to bring it to the Western world.

The couple had their vacation planned for Disneyland that year. To find out more about the oil, they changed their vacation to Honduras to find out more about these Indians and the oil. During his enquiries, he found out that the Indian tribe was from the Mosquitia rain forest area and a nonprofit group known as Mopawi worked with them. The tribe that extracted the Ojon oil is called Tawira. The amazing thing is that Tawira means “the people of beautiful hair”. He arranged to meet the tribe with the help of the nonprofit group.

Denis found the tribe and convinced them to sell that oil to him. However, his journey was not straight and he struggled for a few years to secure the intellectual property rights. Ojon oil is a form of palm oil. The tribe had been using this oil for many centuries but so far, they did not export it and used to sell it to locals only. The plant that provides the seeds to extract the oil only grows in that region.

It takes a large amount of the nuts to extract significant amount of oil. In fact, it takes over 8000 of these nuts to have just 3.5 cups of pure oil. His company formed a partnership with 895 tribal families of a around 15,000 people. The company not only pays them for the oil but also pays them a portion of the profits from the sale of these products made from Ojon oil. The company now has exclusive rights to distribute the Ojon oil globally.

He partnered with the Italian company, Origin Italian that specialized in working with organic ingredients. At that time this Italian manufacturer did not have any hair care products and Denis Simioni decided to partner with this company for manufacturing the hair care line of products under the Ojon brand.

Denis Simioni had so much confidence in the quality of the product that he self financed the start-up. In fact, he invested everything he had physically, financially and emotionally into the project. If it had not worked out for him, it would have been a big loss for him.

He had a friend in the shopping Channel, QVC and decided to pitch this product to the team. He met with the QVC team and told them his story. They were impressed with the story and the product was launched on the channel on 27 December 2004. Their product was extremely successful and they sold out their entire inventory and even had a wait list of over 3000 units. The success of this brand can be gauged from the fact that they launched their first one-hour show on the channel in December 2005 and they sold products worth $1.2 million in just 40 minutes.

However, Denis Simioni is not the only one who benefited from the enormous success of the Ojon brand.

The tribal families have also benefited a lot. Their earnings are now up by more than 300%. The children of the tribal people could not afford to go to school, as they needed to work on the farm and catch lobsters for survival. However, with this partnership, these villagers are now looking to build schools and hospitals on their lands. Overall, more than 1000 tribal have benefited from this partnership.

The global cosmetics giant, Estee Lauder came calling in the year 2007 when they were looking to expand their hair care product line. They bought the company for a reportedly $45 million and life has never been same for Denis Simioni.

Denis still travels extensively to search for more rare elixirs all across the world.

Accounts Receivable Factoring – What You Should Know

business financeIf you run a business, you are likely aware of something called Accounts Receivable. This is representative of the money that is owed to your company, by those that have purchased products and services from you, that have not yet paid. This is of course different from accounts payable which is representative of how much money you actually owe people for wholesale products that you have purchased. It could also be representative of the amount of credit that you have used up, essentially money that you owe other businesses, that you have not yet paid back. In regard to accounts receivable, there is a specific area called factoring where a business will actually sell their accounts receivable to another company. It is always done at a discount, making it much more attractive to the third-party that is making the purchase, allowing you to receive a small lump sum of money and redirect that responsibility to another company for recovering the money that is actually owed.

Understanding Accounts Receivable Factoring

Let’s say that you have a business in which you have provided credit for many of the companies that you are associated with that buy products from you on a regular basis. If it has been several weeks or months since they have made a payment, and the account is overdue, you may not want to deal with going to court or trying to recover this money that is owed to you. Although this may seem similar to invoice discounting, these are not the same. Factoring is all about the sale of receivables, whereas invoice discounting usually involves receivable assets that are related to collateral for a loan.

With And Without Recourse

Another term that is very common to factoring is in regard to what is called recourse. Transfers of receivables that do not have recourse are simply the losses that the other business will sustain when purchasing these receivables from you. The transfer of losses is known up front, and those that have recourse are usually substantial, motivating the other party to make the purchase. Again, when you sell these, you are not going to recover very much money, but at least you won’t have to worry about whether or not factor receivable with recourse options are recoverable, or if they will also become losses as well.

If you are currently running a business and you would like to not deal with trying to recover money that is owed to your company, you should certainly consider selling this problem to some other business which is where accounts receivable factoring comes in area it’s really a win-win situation for both parties because it will provide you with relief from the situation, giving you more time to focus on running your company. The other business, especially those that are highly trained at recovering assets that are owed, will be able to make a substantial profit.

Fabric Banner Stands Make An Impact

banner standThere are many effective ways to promote your brand. One way that is always eye-catching are fabric banner stands.

These stands are lightweight and portable and are typically made out of vinyl. They feature graphics of various colors, which are high-quality and easy to read.

Such stands are completely customizable and come in different sizes. These promotional tools can be created do-it-yourself, or they can be designed with the help of a graphic design service.

Fabric banner stands are perfect for the follow examples:

1. Trade Shows

One of the most popular places to find these stands is at trade shows. They are typically featured right next to the product or service being promoted. These signs are useful for trade shows because they are often the first thing that catches a consumer’s eye. They should be ordered large enough to make an impact in a large trade show area.

2. Author Conventions

When an author attends an author conference to promote their books, they are competing with every other author who attends the convention. A fabric banner stand can help an author stand out from the crowd. Graphics that include a photo of the book being promoted or characters from the book are good things to place on one of these banners.

3. Corporate Events

Corporate events are often held at places such as hotel conference rooms. These banners are a great way to welcome guests and to direct them to where an event or meeting is being held. A good spot to stand such a banner is right at the entrance to a hotel.

4. Weddings

A fun banner isn’t just for business events. They can be incorporated into other events, such as a wedding or wedding reception. Place a banner at the entrance to a ballroom or the reception desk of a hotel.

5. School Sporting Events

An excellent way to celebrate a team or to greet visitors to a game is to do it with a banner stand. Be sure to include the team colors in the design. Place the banner in hallways, next to the entrance of a gym, etc.

Banners are a fun way to promote a product, welcome guests to an event, or to promote team spirit. Choose them by visiting sites online. You may design your own banner with the help of online tools, or you can hire a graphic designer to create the image you would like for your business or product.

How Can Mobile Analytics Companies Help You?

mobile phone and computerIf you use a mobile website or an app to promote your brand, you could benefit from working with mobile analytics companies. The right analytics tool will provide you with helpful insights on your different campaigns and help you improve your strategies. Here are some of the benefits of working with a mobile analytics tool.
Do you know how many visitors your mobile website receives? An analytics solution with a visitor counter will give you a better idea of how many people see your content, which pages are the most visited and which links bring the most people to your site. Collecting data on how visitors find your website and what kind of content catches their eye will help you improve your mobile website. You should also keep track of the average amount of time visitors spend browsing your content.
Mobile analytics companies can help you measure the success of your app. They can provide you with tools that allow you to keep track of the number of users who downloaded and installed your app. You can also keep track of how many sales were generated thanks to your app, even if shoppers did not directly purchase products directly from your app. These insights will help you assess how successful your app is and perhaps provide you with the data you need to create better apps in the future.
If you have invested in an ad campaign for mobile devices, you definitely need an efficient tool to keep track of your results. The right analytics solution will help you determine which ads are generating the most clicks and which ads need to be improved. You could for instance use an analytics tool to run some tests on different ad formats to see what kind of ads are efficient for your target audience.
Mobile analytics can also help you learn more about your audience. Look for a tool that will collect data on the users who visit your site or use your app. This could give you a better understanding of who your typical customer is so that you can develop more relevant content or adopt marketing stratgies adapted to the niche or age group you want to target.
Mobile analytics will help you assess the efficiency of your current mobile marketing strategies. You should gather data for a while and use this information to improve your approach to mobile marketing.

Corporate Event Management Is Necessary For Most Companies

corporate planning imageBusinesses are filled with people who attend events throughout their working life. These events include conferences, exhibitions, fundraisers, product launches, and more.

Who organizes these events and makes sure they run smoothly? That’s where corporate event management comes into play. These are professionals who handle an event from the creation of the event to the end of the event.

An organizer for corporate events has a wide variety of duties. Some examples include:

1. Researching hotels for availability of conference rooms. Hotels are more than just vacation spots. Many businesses hold meeting events in large conference rooms located at hotels. An event manager would choose a hotel’s conference room based on the size of the meeting and on what the hotel offers.

2. Coordinating caterers. There are many caterers to choose from for corporate affairs. An event manager will pick a caterer and create a menu based on a business’s budget and tastes.

3. Organizing travel arrangements and hotel rooms. Getting a lot of people to a company meeting or conference takes coordination. A company wants to make sure that everyone makes it to a destination at the same time and the same place.

4. Choosing and booking guest speakers. Large conferences often have keynote speakers. Part of corporate event management is to research and choose a speaker, based on the requirements of the business and on what the company can afford. Then, after the speaker is booked, it’s up to the event manager to make sure he or her makes it to the event.

5. Handling promotion and the creation of a brand. Some events, such as fundraisers, require promotion. An event manager would handle promoting the event on the Internet via social media, in the newspaper, on TV, and in other areas.

6. Preparing flyers, brochures and welcome packets. Most corporate events include flyers and brochures as well as welcome packets for the participants. An event organizer would be sure to secure those items for an event.

7. Handling legal matters. Some corporate affairs may have rules that need to be adhered to based on the venue choice. The event manager’s job would be to research those rules and then convey them to the event’s participants.

These are just some of the duties of corporate event management. In today’s society, it is a necessary and important function for businesses, especially those that employ a large number of people.